Golden Hour

Golden Hour

2016 • Documentary • 22 Min • 1;85 • 5.1 Mix • DCP


The documentary is the result of a creative process between filmmakers and students of the Nehring primary school in Berlin. The soundscape of the film is of great significance. The documentary makes the variety of nationalities amongst the students heard, not seen and does so in a very subtle manner. We hear different accents, dialects and recognize difficulties in expressing oneself. Ultimately, the children are the creative minds of the project. Their thoughts, memories and dreams are the heart of the film.


ProtagonistMohammad Khalid
Children’s voicesD 4-6, JÜL D, JÜL F, 3B, 5A
Script & DirectorClaudia Vogt
DoPFlorian Wurzer
Steadicam OperatorFrank Schwaiger
Assistent CameraLevent Süzen
David Kitzler
Katharina Schelling
Sound RecordistCora Weiß
Postproduction Supervision & Color GradingPhilipp Weinrich
Sound Design & Sound MixJulian Cropp
CompositingConrad Ostwald
SubtitlingMaité Delau-Wendt
Producter & EditorClaudia Vogt
In Cooperation withNehring Grundschule Berlin Charlottenburg
Funded byProjektfonds Kulturelle Bildung Berlin