5th Indian Cine Film Festival 2017

In September 2017 “Golden Hour” is screened at 5th Indian Cine Film Festival in Mumbai. The film is part of the official selection. Claudia Vogt has received the prize for “Best Editing” in the category “Documentary”.

Die Goldene Stunde – Trailer

Just like every morning a man unlocks the school gates.
Just like every morning he starts his day with a strong tea.
But today Mohammad Khalid the school janitor experiences everything differently. On his walk through the empty school grounds he learns more about the student’s dreams, fears and memories than ever before. This documentary draws a pictureof our generations’ children using their own voices to convey the messages they, themselves, deem necessary to tell. May this be their desire abundance an riches or their memories of a Syria that lays in shambles.

Festival exposure by aug&ohr medien

In May 2017 KAROLA FILM started a cooperation with film festival agency aug&ohr medien in Berlin, which specializes in sending films to film festivals worldwide. aug&ohr medien supports KAROLA FILM and producer, director Claudia Vogt by promoting “Golden Hour” in the international film festival industry. Submissions to national and international documentaries and short film festivals are envisaged for 2017 and 2018.

Premiere of the film "Golden Hour“

“Golden Hour” premieres at the Kant Kino in Berlin in March 2017. The screening will be both the highlight and the closing event of the cooperation between KAROLA FILM and the Nehring primary school in Berlin. Following the presentation there is a Q&A with Claudia Vogt, Mohammad Khalid and the students of the project.